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 Answers to FAQ:

Q:           How much hair will I need?

A:            8 ounces; 2 bundles; 2 packs is what’s need for a full install. 

A:            4 ounces, 1 bundle; 1 pack is what need for partial installs.


Q:           What length of hair should I get if I am trying to achieve _____ look?

A:             For more natural looking installs use varying length hair: 

A:              Layering effect 2 - 4 inch variance (long placed at the back of the head shorter up  front)

A:              Polished look 0 – 2 inch variance (same length throughout and trimmed/ shorter placed at the back of the head, longer up front)

A:              Bobs 4 – 8 in variance depending on desired length (shorter placed at the back of the head, longer up front)   


Q.           What should I have before you come?

A.            Purchase 100% Human Hair of your choice in preparation for your custom Hair Wiz Weave install. Refer to the "Self Help" section on for hair suggestions or consult with your beauty supplier.

Q:           Can the hair be colored?

A:            Virgin hair can be colored pre/post install.          


Q.           How long does the process take?

A.         Clients should allow for 3-4 hours of service. 


Q.           Is the shampoo included in the price of the weave service?

A.            NO. Hair should be shampooed and condition prior to be arrival.


Q.           What kind of hair should I bring?

A.            Any Remy/Indian/Malaysian/ Brazilian/Cambodian/100% Human Hair will do...consult with the beauty supplier or view the hair suggestion on home screen.


Q.           Does it matter the brand?

A.          I do not endorse specific brands only suggestions.


Q.           Do you braid the hair into a beehive or straight back?

A.            No, I have a patent pending method of braiding, guaranteed to lay flat.


Q.           Can you catch short hair?

A.            1” sometime shorter; Send in images for virtual consultation.


Q.           What methods of payments do you all accept?

A.            Cash, Credit, and Debit.


Q.           Are my braids/sew-in supposed to be tight?

A.            Yes, they will be tight initially. Should subside after 3days.  DON’T apply oil products.


Q.           Do I need a relaxer if I'm getting a sew-in?

A.            It is totally your decision, not necessary.


Q.           Do you  do braids?

A.            NO....only cornrows

Appointment Notification

A note from The Hair Wiz

Please be advised of the policies in place.

  • A 5% interest charge for any outstanding balance greater than 30 days. 
  • There is a $50 cancellation fee that applies when an appointment is not upheld for any reason including being cancelled in less than 48 hours prior to the reserved appointment time.
  • The Hair Wiz aims to please all clients. Therefore, in any event you are unsatisfied with the  services I have provided please inform me before we depart. Due to limited appointment availabilty I will try to work with you and gladly resolve any problems within reasonable time. (No refunds)
  • For safety reasons I do not carry cash. Please have exact change at the time of service. Any additional tender will humbly be accepted as a tip. 
  •  Hair Wiz is not responsible for allergic reactions to products or synthetic hair fibers. 

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