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Posted by Dana Perez on March 17, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Virgin Hair:

Virgin  Hair is highly regarded in the hair industry because of its natural durability and flexibility blending with all hair textures. Virgin hair gives the best styling options for extensions and other uses because of its natural wave pattern.

Virgin  hair is cut from the donor the same as 'Remy' and the cuticles are still kept in the same direction, but there is no chemical processing at all. The hair is given to its new owner in the same exact condition it was when it left it donor. Don’t worry then hair has been cleaned and will be ready to perform and is usually freshly prepared when it is received.

 Indian hair last 6 months - 1 year unlimited washes. Handled with care. Shampoo and conditioned and hang dry/air dry. (Use hooded dryer while hair is installed)


INDIQUE (also purchased in stores)




Remy vs Remi

I've done the research! Remy(i) is a process that is done to virgin Indian hair. “Remi” is simply the Asian hair manufactures label for this type of hair and “Remy” is the Indian label for the same process. Once the hair is put into a ponytail and cut from its donor, the hair cuticle must be kept in the same direction to lessen tangles and to maintain the texture. Once the hair is put onto a weft, the hair is then processed for colors, straightening or curling.

100% Human hair/Remy(i) hair purchased in stores - 90% of all human hair including Remy(i) are of low quality, wiry and stiff hair, often mixed with animal or synthetic filler hair. The hair is chemically process to add texture and color. Hair sold at beauty supply stores last only for one service max two shampoos and need to be disposed of afterwards.

Hair purchased in stores last 1 -2 months with one to two washes each install and should be discarded at removal


Velvet Remi Natural Yaki (for thinker hair texture)






Bobbi Boss




Milky Way



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